Easy DIY Halloween makeup ideas tutorials

11 Easy DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try

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Are you looking for easy DIY Halloween makeup ideas & tutorials? Here are 11 cool, freaky & scary makeup looks for you to try this Halloween.

Halloween is that freaky time of year where you can dress up however you’d like. You can look as scary, glam and freak as you like!

HOWEVER, it’s also that time of year that demands too much thought and effort!

Thinking of cool makeup looks that will top last years Halloween look can be a stressful process, especially when you’re not a makeup wizard with a pocket full of cash to spend on products.

That’s why I’ve handpicked the best do it yourself Halloween makeup tutorials for you to try this year.

My criteria for selection was simple. The makeup ideas must have the following…

#1 Easy to follow DIY makeup tutorials

#2 Affordable and accessible makeup products and accessories

#3 Freaky, cool, glam & scary makeup looks!

So, let’s get into it. Keep scrolling.

Easy DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas

Here are the best do it yourself Halloween makeup ideas to look scary & glam this year:

1. The Poison Ivy Look

Makeup tutorial inspired by one of Gotham’s most iconic villains, Poison Ivy. The perfect excuse to use bright green eye shadow this Halloween. Youtuber Kayleigh Noelle really brings this idea to life and provides an easy to follow DIY tutorial with cheap yet effective products.

2. The Cruella De Vil Look

Glossy red lips, jealous green eyes, and blotted suspicious eyebrows. Cruella De Vil is officially the cruellest Disney character (it’s in her name). For a scary makeup look this Halloween, try this surprisingly easy tutorial by Cosmobyhaley.

3. The Glam Jack O’Lantern Look

What would Halloween be without a creepy pumpkin look? This Irish myth-inspired Jack O’Lantern makeup tutorial is freaky, impressive and easy to follow.

4. The Freaky Fortune Teller Look

This unique twist of a fortune teller is sure to impress this Halloween. Youtuber Jamie Genevieve has created a quick and easy makeup tutorial with intense purple lips and blush eyeshadow.

5. The Queen of the Dead Look

Youtube royalty Roxxsaurus walks you through her Queen of the Dead makeup tutorial, which she accurately describes as a “creepy makeup look with a touch of glam”.

6. The Harley Quinn Look

What would Halloween be without Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn? She’s the ultimate excuse to have half pink, half blue hair & makeup! AdelaineMorin goes into detail to create the most accurate DIY makeup tutorial for this DC legend.

7. The Super Easy Clown Look

This clown look is the perfect last-minute Halloween idea. Hayley Bui has created a DIY makeup tutorial that’s insanely quick and easy, and the result is creepy, cool & cute – all at the same time!

8. The Creepy Zombie Girl Look

Is there anything more creepy than zombies? Youtuber LeSassafras has created a super easy Zombie makeup tutorial with a unique method to create realistic bloodshot vessels!

9. The Glam Joker Look

Jasmine Brown has managed to glam up Gotham’s most notorious clown. This glamourous Joker makeup tutorial includes glimmering face jewels that even Batman would be impressed with this Halloween!

10. The Bratz Doll Look

Do you remember Bratz Dolls? Every girl’s dream was to look like the most fashionable dolls ever, and now you can! This is more glam than a scary makeup tutorial, but you’ll certainly turn heads this Halloween.

11. The Scary Scarecrow Look

Creepy or cute? Either way, you’ll be sure to turn heads with this half and half scarecrow makeup tutorial. It’s easy, effective, affordable, and doesn’t require loads of products, making this the perfect last-minute Halloween makeup idea.

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