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Best Love Island Quotes: Funniest & Memorable Catchprashes!

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Throughout the years, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing some of the most entertaining and captivating conversations ever to grace our screens. We have curated a collection of the contestants’ most memorable moments. Dive into a world filled with hilarious quips, bizarre exchanges, and unforgettable quotes that have solidified their place as some of the best in Love Island history.

Unforgettable quotes from Love Island that have etched themselves into the hearts of viewers

“I’ve got a text!”

Far more than mere words, this iconic exclamation heralds impending drama, blossoming romances, and unexpected plot twists in the villa. It embodies the electric anticipation that pulsates through each episode.

“It is what it is.”

A mantra for many Islanders confronted with rejection or unforeseen events, this phrase perfectly captures the essential laid-back attitude needed to navigate—and flourish within—the unpredictable villa life.

“I’m here for a good time, not a long time.”

Commonly heard during recouplings or dramatic departures, this statement distils some Islanders’ focus on savouring their summer adventures over seeking enduring connections.

“Can I pull you for a chat?

The gateway to every pivotal dialogue on Love Island signifies an islander’s desire to clarify misunderstandings or articulate emotions—a fundamental aspect of villa interactions.

“You’re my type to a T.”

This enchanting line signals deep attraction and compatibility when Islanders discover someone who might just be their perfect match against all odds.


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“Absolute melt”

It is a humorous insult used when someone behaves foolishly due to infatuation. It underscores how intense feelings can occasionally overshadow rational thought in high-stakes social settings like those found in Love Island.

“Factor 50 thick”

This phrase is used by Islanders to describe laying on the charm or effort very thickly, akin to applying a thick layer of high-protection suncream. It’s synonymous with another popular term, “grafting,” which means to put in a lot of effort to win someone’s affection.

For instance, Joe Garratt apologized to Lucie Donlan for being too intense initially, using the metaphor of suncream to explain his approach. He admitted he went “full factor 50” and should have taken it slower, suggesting starting with lower sun factors and gradually increasing the intensity.

This concept was also discussed by Anton Danyluk and Amber Gill, where Anton wanted to kiss Anna Vakili, but Amber advised him to take it slow, implying that using a “lower factor” might be more effective in the long run.

“I’m loyal babes”

This memorable quote from Georgia Steel in Season 4 became an iconic catchphrase that defined her character. She repeatedly asserted her loyalty in the villa, sparking debates about fidelity and trust among the Islanders and viewers alike. Her frequent use of this phrase turned it into a hallmark of her time on the show.

“I used to be in Blazin’ Squad innit.”

Marcel Somerville’s catchphrase from Season 3 was a constant reminder of his previous fame as a member of the early 2000s boy band Blazin’ Squad. His casual references to his pop star past endeared him to fellow Islanders and fans, adding a humorous and nostalgic touch to his Love Island journey.

“They are literally my type on paper.”

A phrase often used by Islanders to describe someone who meets all their superficial criteria for an ideal partner. This quote underscores the importance placed on physical attraction in the villa, often before deeper emotional connections are explored. It reflects the initial stages of romance, where appearances heavily influence decisions.


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“Do bits society”

Coined by Wes Nelson in Season 4, this term refers to the group of Islanders who have engaged in intimate physical activities with their partners. The “do bits society” became a humorous and discreet way to discuss private moments without being explicit, adding a playful and cheeky element to villa conversations.

“I was coming back here to tell you I love you”

This heartfelt declaration from Amy Hart to Curtis Pritchard in Season 5 encapsulates the emotional rollercoaster of villa life. Amy’s confession of love, coupled with Curtis’ simultaneous doubts, made for one of the most poignant and memorable moments in Love Island history, showcasing the vulnerability and intensity of romantic relationships on the show.

“Uh, Tommy”

Molly-Mae Hague’s endearing way of calling out to Tommy Fury in Season 5 became a beloved catchphrase among fans. Her distinctive intonation and frequent use of “Uh, Tommy” during their interactions highlighted their playful and affectionate relationship, making it a memorable part of their Love Island journey.

“I’m like a polar bear”

This humorous and somewhat out-of-context statement by Chris Hughes in the middle of a serious conversation with Chloe Crowhurst in Season 3 became an iconic moment. Chris’s comparison of himself to a polar bear was both endearing and amusing, showcasing his quirky personality and ability to lighten the mood even during intense discussions.

“Fanny flutters”

Coined by Maura Higgins in Season 5, this cheeky term refers to the tingling sensation of excitement and attraction. Maura’s candid and humorous way of expressing her feelings added a memorable and bold element to the show’s lexicon, making “fanny flutters” a standout phrase among fans.

“What’s Brexit?”

This question, asked by Hayley Hughes in Season 4, became an iconic moment that highlighted her lack of political knowledge. The ensuing conversation about Brexit not only provided comic relief but also underscored the varied backgrounds and knowledge levels of the Islanders, making it a memorable and often-referenced quote.

“You’re a liar”

This accusation, often heard during heated confrontations in the villa, encapsulates the drama and tension that can arise in Love Island. Whether it’s about romantic betrayals, broken promises, or misunderstandings, calling someone a liar cuts to the core of trust issues that frequently surface in the show’s high-stakes environment.

“Head’s gone”

This memorable phrase, famously used by Michael Griffiths in the 2019 season of Love Island, succinctly captures the state of being mentally overwhelmed or emotionally disoriented. Michael used it to describe his own confusion and emotional turmoil amidst the villa’s intense romantic entanglements and dramatic twists.

“I’m not your hun, hun.”

This exchange between Hayley Hughes and Eyal Booker in Season 4 of Love Island became an iconic moment. Hayley, frustrated with Eyal, dismissively told him to “Get over it, hun,” to which Eyal sharply retorted, “I’m not your hun, hun.”


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