Self Care Shower Routine (Step-by-Step)

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The perfect daily shower routine for self-care, glowing skin, and ultimate relaxation. Start your day feeling refreshed every morning.

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You have to admit; that life has become a bit more stressful over the past few years. With so many of us working from home, it’s easy to lose track of time and neglect our mental and physical wellbeing.

If you’re looking for a way to re-focus yourself (whether it be on work, your social life, or your mental health), I can highly recommend embracing a self-care routine.

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Just remember, there’s no single self-care routine for everyone. We’re all unique, and so should our care routines be. Try this simple 16 step routine, and adjust it as you need depending on your skin type, hair type, and personal preference.

Why do I need a self-care shower routine?

Following a good self-care shower routine isn’t just great for your skin and hair, but it can also benefit your mental health and affect all aspects of your life.

My morning routine helps set me up for a successful day. I find it easier to focus and settle in for a day of work when I feel clean and calm.

How can I make my shower experience better?

Here are a few ways to improve the overall experience of your self-care showers:

Invest in good quality self care products.

I live by the saying, quality over quantity. It can feel overwhelming choosing the right products for your skin and hair type, and we often end up buying unsuitable products while we test new things out.

There’s nothing worst than a bathroom cupboard filled with half-used, expired products. So, how can you get around this?

  1. Dedicate time to categorising your skin type (do you have sensitive skin or oily combination skin?).
  2. Research which products suit your skin type, from your body scrub to body wash.
  3. Choose high-quality products with natural oils and no synthetic fragrances, parabens, alcohols or phthalates. These ingredients are known to cause irritation and allergic reactions, as well as dry out your skin in the long run.

Make sure you keep your shower clean.

As part of your daily routine for everyday life, make sure you keep your bathroom super clean. All self-care routines start in the bathroom, and it’s important you maintain a space where you feel content and calm.

Personally, I like to clean my space in the morning before I bathe or shower.

Dedicate the time to your self-care shower routine.

One of the biggest things I get asked is how I find the time to embrace my self-care routine. Well, the answer is simple. I MAKE the time.

You’d be surprised how much time you spend procrastinating, so make the conscious effort to recognise this wasted time and use it instead for self-care.

A vital part of a self-care shower routine is spending time indulging yourself. If you’re rushing through, you’ll only end up feeling more stressed. I recommend setting aside between 10 to 15 minutes each day for your self-care shower routine.

Hang some dried eucalyptus on your shower head.

Hanging dried eucalyptus leaves on your shower head has become a recent trend, and for a good reason.

As the hot water washes over the plants, it helps release the leaves’ natural oils. Not only does this create a delicious smell, but eucalyptus oil is also known to reduce stress and help with your breathing and sinusitis.

Pre-Shower Rituals

1. Wash your hands with soap and water.

This should come naturally, but you must wash away the dirt from your hands before getting in the shower. Otherwise, you’ll end up transferring germs from your hands to your face.

2. Do a quick but thorough dry brush

Before you drench yourself in the warm water, do yourself a favour and do a quick dry brush over your whole body.

Not only does this help exfoliate your skin, but it also helps promote blood circulation through your skin, helping to eliminate toxins from your skin.

Life Hack! Don’t forget to wash your brush with a gentle shampoo once a month to wash away the build-up of dead skin.

3. For the straight hair girls – Brush your hair before wetting it

When washing your hair, the first thing you should do is brush and detangle your hair while it’s still dry. As a general rule, wet hair is more delicate and breaks a lot easier, so it’s best to get this step done when your hair is dry.

However, if you have coarse or curly hair, you’ll probably need to add some conditioning products before you can brush out your hair.

The Perfect Self Care Shower Routine

4. Add some essential oils or a shower steamer to your shower

I’m a huge fan of essential oils. Not only do certain oils smell delicious, but they also make you feel good by improving your mood and reducing stress.

Simply drop a few oils into the corner of your shower, and let the hot water and steam diffuse them naturally.

Here are a few of my favourite oils for showering:

  • Calming chamomile for a shower before bed
  • Relaxing lavender for when I’m feeling stressed
  • Cleansing tea tree for good hygiene
  • Invigorating citrus oils for a morning pick-me-up
  • Refreshing eucalyptus or peppermint to open my sinuses

5. Wash away dead skin cells with a gentle body exfoliation

A good exfoliation can be as invigorating as it is relaxing and is key to taking care of dry skin.

I only exfoliate my body and prefer to use gentle peels on my face for radiant skin. But again, what works for me might not work for you and vice versa.

6. Wash your hair and massage your scalp

The key to washing your hair is going easy on your scalp with a soft but firm massage, lathering until foamy, and rinsing off with warm water.

Life Hack! If you’re a curly hair girl like me, you might prefer a ‘co-wash’ shampoo, which is basically a conditioning wash for your hair. It doesn’t lather like traditional shampoo but will leave your hair feeling soft and silky.

7. Apply a deep conditioning hair mask and detangle

A good hair conditioner can completely change the look and feel of your hair, and this is the one product I will never skimp on.

Hydration is key, and not only does a conditioner help with detangling your hair, but it also increases moisture, softens and makes your hair easier to manage once it has dried.

8. Shave your unwanted body hair away

Shaving unwanted body hair is an essential part of my personal self-care shower routine, mostly because I love the way my soft skin feels after a fresh shave.

While it’s totally up to you whether you want to keep or remove your body hair, shaving requires a deep focus to ensure you don’t end up with little cuts and abrasions.

Life Hack! I enjoy shaving when in a bath. This way, I’m already sitting down and don’t have to balance precariously on one foot in a slippery shower!

9. Wash your body with an indulgent body wash

There are endless body washes on the market, making it hard to choose the perfect one for your body care.

Regardless of the wash you choose, washing your body is a significant part of your self-care shower routine. I like to wash my body after washing my hair, to get all the greasy conditioner off my back.

10. Wash your face with a gentle water-based cleanser

There are two main types of facial cleansers, oil-based and water-based cleansers.

Depending on your skin type, there are different benefits to each type. For example, an oil-based cleanser actually helps remove excess oil on your face, while water-based cleansers work to remove dirt from your pores.

11. Rinse it all away with cool water

Believe it or not, experts recommend a cold shower (or at least rinsing with cool water). The benefits of a cold shower include calming irritated skin and sore muscles after an intense workout.

Cold running water is also known to wake your skin up and increase blood circulation around your body.

While it might not seem like the calmest or relaxing way to shower, cold water certainly has its benefits!

12. Breathe deeply and relax

As the final step of your in-shower routine, take a moment to relax and breathe. If you have the time to, this is a great time to meditate, disconnect from the outside world and prepare your mind for bed.

After Care Treatment

13. Dry your hair with a cotton T-shirt

Once you’ve dried your body with a clean towel, make sure you dry your hair with a soft cotton piece of material like a t-shirt.

As mentioned, your hair is most fragile when it’s wet, and a harsh towel fabric can cause unnecessary hair breakage.

Life Hack! This is also a great way to reduce frizz and get those perfect coils going for curly hair girls.

14. Add a luxurious oil to your hair

Especially if you have curly or coarse hair, you can never have enough moisture in your hair, and good hair oil can help make your hair feel softer and look shiny and healthy.

15. Prepare and apply a homemade face mask for natural skin glow

Face masks are a big part of any self-care routine and are known to give your skin a natural glow. A low budget is no excuse for not using a face mask, and there are tons of inexpensive homemade ingredients you can use to make your own face mask.

TRY THIS! The perfect skin-care routine for beginners for some affordable homemade masks!

16. Liberally apply lotion to your entire body

Moisturiser is essential to any skin-care routine. I love using a shea butter body lotion, which is naturally packed with moisture and healthy nutrients for your skin.

The final step of your evening and morning skin-care routine should be to moisturise your face. If you use an oil-based cleanser, this step might not be necessary; however, hydrating your skin in some way or another is essential.

In the morning, make sure you add a high SPF to your moisturiser to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Final words

Showers are a massive part of our everyday routine, so why not make them into an indulgent and relaxing self-care experience?

From setting the shower mood to washing your hair to indulging in a whole-body exfoliation scrub, there are so many ways to level up your self-care shower routine.

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