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Is Wireless Festival Safe? (Updated 2024)

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The Wireless Festival, held in London, is dedicated to ensuring a secure environment for all attendees. The festival has a large team of trained security personnel and staff. They prioritize the safety and well-being of everyone present. Security staff are highly visible throughout the event and readily available to assist with any issues or concerns.

To maintain a high level of safety, the Wireless Festival enforces strict entry policies. To enter, all attendees must pass through sniffer dog teams and airport-style metal detectors. They must also undergo body and bag searches.

These measures prevent prohibited items from entering. They include illegal drugs and psychoactive substances.

Overcrowding Concerns

The Wireless Festival is committed to safety. But, like any large event, there is always a risk of unexpected incidents.

In 2022, the festival faced criticism. An overcrowding incident led some attendees to climb fences to avoid being crushed. Additionally, the event has experienced security breaches from gate crashers.

In response to these incidents, the Wireless Festival has increased its security.

The festival now has better security rules and has added more security staff. The staff will handle crowds and stop unauthorized entry.

Wireless Festival assures attendees that the entire festival site is monitored continuously. Security staff are stationed throughout the grounds. An extensive CCTV system is in place. A dedicated team in the fully staffed Event Control Centre watches it around the clock.

The festival works closely with The Met Police and other security services. They ensure that all security procedures are up to date and follow best practices.

By implementing these thorough security measures, the Wireless Festival aims to provide a safe and fun experience for all concert-goers.

You may be there to enjoy the rap. Or to soak in the vibrant atmosphere. Either way, you can feel confident. Safety is a top concern at London’s top music festival.


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Best Practices

As you soak in the lively beats and exciting atmosphere of the Wireless Festival, it’s crucial to stay alert to security risks.

While revelling in the festivities, be mindful of your surroundings, as theft or overcrowding concerns may arise.

If you notice any suspicious activity or have safety concerns at this iconic London event in Finsbury Park, report them immediately. 

To keep all attendees safe and happy, festival organizers advise staying hydrated. They also advise keeping an eye out for each other. Follow the security measures put in place by our staff. They work tirelessly to keep things secure.

Your well-being is our top priority, so please share any issues or incidents with us promptly. Let’s make sure that everyone can fully enjoy the music and excitement without worrying about their safety. Stay vigilant, stay safe!

Drugs Policy

Drug use is not tolerated at Wireless Festival. The same laws that apply throughout the UK also apply on-site at the event – it is illegal to buy, sell, or consume drugs.

It’s important to remember that all drugs carry potential risks, and there are no completely safe options. This includes new psychoactive substances (previously known as “legal highs”).

If someone has taken drugs and needs help, medical and welfare teams are on-site. You must be honest with them about any substances taken. This way, they can give the best care. 

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