7 Convincing Reasons to Have Sex Every Day

7 Convincing Reasons to Have Sex Every Day

Want more sex? Well, assuming you’re over the age of 18, studies show that having sex every day is actually a good thing!

So, if daily sex sounds good to you, this post will explain 7 healthy benefits of having sex every.

Is it Healthy to Have Sex every day?

Sexual health is an integral part of our overall health, and you shouldn’t neglect it. Sex is a natural activity that our bodies have evolved to perform (and enjoy, of course!)

But, believe it or not, sex is physically good for you and having sex every day can be even better.

Read on to find some scientifically proven reasons to get intimate with your partner every day and improve your health in the process.

Here are 11 reasons why it’s healthy to have sex everyday:

1. Sex is a Great Workout!

You wouldn’t neglect your workouts, so you shouldn’t ignore the most fun workout of all.

Active sex with a partner, not just masturbation, has been proven to give some of the same health benefits as a full workout, including lowering blood pressure, increasing circulation, and improving breathing.

Of course, you also burn calories, as many as a 30-minute jog! Researchers had couples wear activity trackers during sex and noted that they saw the same health benefits as regular exercise.

This also may mean that sex can even help you lose weight! Talk about a win-win!

2. Boost Your Immune System

Whether it’s the exercise or the pleasure hormones released, sex can boost your immune system as well.

While you’d think interpersonal contact would spread disease, regular sex keeps your immune system running smoothly so that you can avoid catching any bugs going around.

University researchers tested college students’ levels of a specific immunoglobulin, a chemical in our bodies that shows immune system health.

The students who reported having sex at least once per week showed the highest levels of this chemical, and they said getting fewer colds.

3. Improve Sleeping Patterns

It’s pretty common knowledge that men will usually get sleepy after sex, much to the chagrin of heterosexual women everywhere.

However, regular sex improves sleep for both males and females. Since it is a workout, you can get tired just from the exercise, but there’s also more going on.

In both sexes, orgasm releases a hormone called prolactin that is responsible for relaxation and sleep. This means that it’s not just sex that improves sleep, but good sex.

4. Relieves Stress

In a 2006 study, Scottish researchers found that having sex every day helps you better cope with stressful situations. I

n their research, individuals who reported having sex every day had lower blood pressure related to stress.

Other studies have confirmed the same thing, showing that people who have more sex perform better at stressful activities like public speaking, and they also showed lowered blood pressure in general. (3)

5. Sex Helps You to Bond

When you’re intimate with your partner, both men’s and women’s bodies release a hormone called oxytocin.

This particular hormone evolved to help humans bond with each other so that we can survive better. Touch is quite necessary to humans, as babies who aren’t’ regularly touched are more likely to die from SIDS.

In adults, pleasure hormones and the bonding hormone help our brains work better.

Regular hits of oxytocin will also help you bond with your partner. If you have sex every day, the daily dose of oxytocin will strengthen your relationship over time.

6. Look Younger and Live Longer!

There’s no question that regular exercise improves your health and helps you live longer, and sex is simply a kind of exercise that releases extra endorphins and hormones.

Because sex improves blood circulation, stimulates your brain, helps you sleep better, and can relieve headache pain, having sex every day can make you healthier and live longer.

It is also said that a daily roll-in-the-hay will keep you looking younger! A British psychologist, Dr. David Weeks, did a study that found that regular sex makes you look several years younger.

6. Benefits Just for Women

Having sex while you’re coming up on that time of the month can make periods regular and reduce cramps.

It can also build your pelvic muscles and lead to improved bladder control. Another great thing about having sex all the time is that it improves vaginal lubrication, which makes you want it more.

Remember that research which said sex makes you look younger? The female hormone, estrogen, makes your skin look better and your hair shinier, so regular sex can help you look your best.

7. Benefits Just for Men

We’ve already shown that having sex more regularly lowers blood pressure and helps with heart health in general, which is a big concern for most men.

There’s also a specific hormone released after sex called dehydroepiandrosterone or DEA, and this hormone is a steroid that has been proven to reduce heart attacks in men.

Since sex is also exercise (especially for men!), it has the same benefits as a quick workout every day.

Also, sex creates healthier semen, and studies have shown that regular ejaculation lowers prostate cancer risk.

So, Is Daily Sex Good for Health or Not?

Daily sex is healthy. We all know sex is fun. But, amazingly, it’s also an essential factor in health.

When you get it on with a partner, you not only both get a workout, but you release hormones that help your bodies and help you bond.

The great thing about the pleasure chemicals released by sex is that they are addictive, so having lots of sex mean you’ll want more sex!

This is particularly the case for women. So it’s not such a stretch to think that having sex every day is not only possible but good for you!

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