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43 Bucket List Couple Ideas: Fun Activities & Things to Do

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Ultimate couple’s bucket list ideas. Romantic activities & simple, fun things to do with your boyfriend, girlfriend or relationship partner.

Keeping things interesting is one of the most important things couples should focus on when in a relationship. And why not do so by ticking enjoyable activities off your couples bucket list, one step at a time?

If you’re after the best bucket list ideas for couples, you’ve come to the right place. Check out my inspiring list below, and start adding to your own personalised couples bucket list.

Discussing your hopes, dreams and goals for the future is the best way to make sure you and your partner are on the same page.

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but ticking off exciting bucket list ideas of romantic things to do and beautiful places to visit is a great way to build a solid relationship.

Your list will differ depending on your relationship, where you live, your budget, and of course, your personality.

A word of advice, split your couple’s bucket list into sections such as romance, adventure, food and travel. This way, you’ll be sure to include a bit of everything in your list.

If you’re looking for bucket list ideas for couples filled with adventure and travel, check out my bucket list adventures for travel lovers.

So, without further adieu, let’s dive into the top ten couples bucket list ideas, followed by a bunch of other fantastic list ideas for couples!

Ultimate Couples Bucket List Ideas

Here are 43 of the best couple’s bucket list ideas and romantic things to do:

1. Go On a Hot Air Balloon Ride

To open your ultimate couple bucket list, take a hot air balloon ride over a beautiful location with your loved one. My top recommendation would be to visit Cappadoccia in Turkey or fly above the great buffalo migration in the Serengeti National Park in Africa.

2. Host a couples game night

High up on any couples bucket list, hosting a games night with other coupled-up friends is always a good idea.

3. Go skinny dipping in the ocean

There are few better couple activities than enjoying a moonlight skinny-dip in the sea with your one-and-only.

4. Take a road trip to a place you’ve never visited before

Road tripping is a great way to bond with a lover while exploring a new part of your home country.

5. Go wine tasting at a beautiful vineyard

Wine tasting is one of the best activities for couples because it’s romantic, fun and almost always located in a beautiful vineyard with breathtaking views!

6. Treat yourselves to a couple’s massage

Splurge on a spa day with your lover, and get a full-body massage or a couples massage for an unforgettably relaxing experience.

7. Spend a weekend off the grid at a beach house

If you want to spend some quality time together, one of the best couples bucket list ideas is renting out a beach house, turning off your phones, and spending a weekend by the sea.

8. Visit the most romantic city in the world – Paris

Known as the City of Love, there’s a reason this destination is on every couples bucket list!

9. Adopt a shelter pet together

As one of the best list ideas for couples with a passion for social change, all animal lovers should make it their goal to adopt a shelter pet when they are in a stable relationship.

10. Become the best karaoke duet in your friend group

Whether you’re completely tone deaf or an undercover singing sensation, make it your goal to become the best couple at Kareoke, and then blow your friends away with a classic lovers duet!

11. Binge-watch your favourite TV show

Sometimes, staying in is just as romantic as going out. It’s all about who you’re with and not where you are, and binge-watching a show you both love is a classic way to spend a quiet night in.

12. Take a romantic bubble bath together

If you want to stay in for a romantic night, run a candlelit bubble bath and pour a glass of bubbly for you and your significant other. This is an especially great idea for a date night on a cold evening.

13. Go on a double date with your friends

Reaching most couples’ bucket lists, double dating with your close friends is one of the most fun and social date ideas.

14. Plan an escape room date night

Escape rooms are all the rage these days, and there’s nothing better than partnering up to uncover an exciting hidden mystery with your partner.

15. Spend a night in an ice hotel and order room service

When you spend a night in a hotel, you’ll be able to tick off a few things from this bucket list. Start with a candlelit bubble bath, and then order in while you binge-watch your favourite TV show.

16. Learn how to sail and then go on a sailing trip together

If you’re an outgoing couple, learning to sail is a unique skill that will bring you endless opportunities for outdoor adventure!

17. Go on a food tour around one of the most romantic cities in the world

A food tour is the perfect date idea for foodies and culture lovers. Not only will you get to taste the food that people eat in different areas, but you might even learn something new too.

18. Spend the whole night talking to each other

Spending an entire night chatting to your ‘other person’ is a great way to test if you’re truly compatible. Although it’s on our relationship bucket list, this is one of those things that should just occur naturally. Don’t plan too much and go with the flow.

19. Plan a surprise trip and fly first class

If you’re prepared to drop some dollar, flying first class on a surprise plane trip is the best bucket list idea we can think of.

20. Learn a new language and then travel to that country

Without a doubt one of the top ultimate bucket list adventures, learning a new language with a partner is all the more rewarding when you have a trip planned to the country in the near future. Set some goals and get learning!

21. Write love letters to each other

If you want to tell your kids about your romantic love story, writing love letters to your partner for no reason other than because you love each other is a great place to start.

22. Find the perfect couples costume for Halloween

One of the most fun couple things to do is to plan and arrange the best couples Halloween costume. Get creative, have a laugh and take some epic photos together before the night runs away with you!

23. Create the perfect relationship playlist

This one is great for the married couples bucket list, or even if you just live with your partner. Create a playlist with all the songs that mean something to you both – the song playing when you had your first kiss, your first dance, your favourite karaoke song -whatever makes you feel something, add it to the list!

24. Go to a workout class together

One of the most common couple’s activities is to stay in shape. Whether you pick yoga, pilates or Zumba, choose a workout class that suits you both and get moving!

25. Visit all the continents you can

At the top of any adventure bucket list, set out on a travel adventure to explore as many places as you can with your partner. This list of fairy-tale villages is a great place to start!

26. Rent a bike and go on a tandem bike ride

A super cute item on our bucket list for couples, rent a tandem bicycle and take a ride through a pretty park or along the beachfront for a romantic day out.

27. Get matching tattoos

One of the ways for couples to show how much they care for each other is to design and get matching tattoos.

28. Host a dinner party with your friends

Kill two birds with one stone by hosting a dinner party and couple’s game night with your best friends. If you don’t have time to prepare a classy meal, host a potluck event and tell each guest to bring along a dish!

29. Create a new tradition with your lover

One of the most important things to do as a couple is to create memories and traditions that you can hold close to your heart for a long time to come.

30. Fly on a private jet and join the mile high club

Topping off many couples bucket lists, why not charter a plane for a romantic journey with your partner?

31. Have a romantic picnic in your own backyard

This is one of the best ideas for a simple date that doesn’t involve paying an arm and a leg. Prepare a simple cheeseboard and set up a cosy blanket with cushions in your backyard.

32. Choose your wedding song together

While this might seem obvious, one of the most romantic bucket list ideas is getting engaged and picking your perfect first dance song together.

33. Bury a relationship time capsule

When you’ve been together for a few years, collect some happy memories and photos and bury a relationship time capsule in a place that means something to both of you. As a great idea for a couples bucket list, it will be a real treat digging up your memory box in five or ten years.

34. Visit an exciting destination

If you’re up for quite an adventure, fly into South America and plan a road trip around the continent. Travel is always one of the best bucket list ideas and will give you plenty of opportunities for couples activities to bond and get to know your partner even better.

35. Take a trip to the Northern Lights

You don’t get much more romantic than a cosy and adventurous trip to the Aurora Borealis, and why not propose to your partner at the same time?

36. Take cooking classes together

If you and your lover lead a busy life, one of the best things for couples to do for some quality bonding time is to join a cooking lesson and learn how to prepare new and exciting meals.

37. Stay in a fancy hotel in New York City

This one is on many couples bucket lists for a good reason. New York is a fantastic city to visit with your partner year-round, and the best way to enjoy a night in The Big Apple is to stay in a fancy hotel.

38. Play mini-golf on a double date

Double dates are great fun, especially when you can team up and compete in pairs. Partner up and plan a friendly mini-golf tournament with your best friends.

39. Enjoy some good wine in a hot tub in the snow

Not too much compares to a good glass of wine in a romantic hot tub, except, of course, if that tub is in a beautiful winter wonderland location.

40. Enjoy breakfast in bed together

Another one of the most simple yet effective bucket list ideas is to prepare a breakfast in bed for your partner and surprise them with a beautifully laid out tray when they wake up.

41. Visit a real-life castle together

Is there anything more romantic than visiting a real-life castle in Europe with your significant other? This is also a great way to pop the question if you’re at that stage of your relationship. Check out this list for inspiration.

42. Go camping in a National Park

If you’re the adventurous type, camping is one of the greatest bucket list ideas for couples. Camping in a gorgeous location is a solid way to spend quality time with each other while exploring the great outdoors.

43. Volunteer at a local charity

To end off our couples bucket list ideas with a bang, it’s always a good idea to volunteer your time with your partner to those in need.

Whether you choose to foster a pet or spend time reading to the elderly, you can rest assured volunteering will always make you feel good. Best of all? You can help more than you know, without spending a cent.

And with that, I hope this list has sparked your interest and helped you create your very own couples bucket list. Whether you’re in a stable long-term relationship or a brand new one, ticking things off a romantic bucket list is a great way to create lasting memories with your partner.

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