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Festival Makeup Looks & Easy Face Glitter Ideas (Rave in Style)

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If you are looking for some new, easy and exciting festival makeup looks, tips and face glitter deas, you are definitely in the right place. This is your one-stop festival makeup essentials guide to help you rave in style this year!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this post:

  • The most popular and fashionable festival makeup looks
  • Essential festival makeup products
  • How to master festival glitter makeup
  • Many top tips, tricks and ideas every woman needs to know about festival makeup

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The type of music, your personality, your style, your confidence, the weather. These are all things that will greatly affect your final choices as to how you will wear your makeup at music festivals this year.

The makeup you apply should not only make you look beautiful, it must make you feel great too.

Maintenance of your makeup during the festival should also be considered when deciding on which option to wear.

An overview of the latest trends and those worn by celebrities indicate that you have one of 2 choices:


This is where you can go wild and unleash the party beast. From face decals, face paint and an abundance of glitter – there are many stylish looks to choose from. We’ll discuss all these in more detail in this article.


The plus point, in this case, is that if you keep your look natural and fresh, regular touch-ups will not be necessary. Most festivals make use of Porta Potties as there are not always proper abolition facilities or restrooms available at the site.


We have looked to the celebs and designers to see what the best festival makeup looks and trends are:


Do you have rainbow coloured hair? Or, perhaps you’re wearing a wig or a quirky hat. Whatever it may be, match your eye shadow to that colour for a great festival effect; as seen by Lily Allen at the 2015 British Fashion Awards.
Carry this colour ascent through your entire outfit by painting your nails the same colour, wearing shoes that match and picking the accessories such as bangles, belts or earrings in the same colour.

Bold & Creative Motifs

Fetching, daring and unique eye makeup applications. The great thing about this trend is that there are no rules, you can let your creativity run wild. Anything goes, from feathers; to fleur-de-lis or Woodstock inspired hippy daisy chains, making it perfect for a festival atmosphere.

Decorate only one side of your face with motifs and patterns or repeat symmetrically on either side. Designs do not have to be limited to your face. Designs can flow into your hairline or down the side of your neck.
Neither you nor your mates are much good at painting? Have no fear. Use decals. These can easily be applied to the face and can also be removed later just as easily, without the need for lotions and potions.

Glam Rock

Think of the classic makeup of old school glam rockers, from the band Kiss; but let’s downplay the hardcore look by applying the designs in metallic, overly bright colours or pastels shades.

Another popular look is makeup based on Ziggy Stardust in tribute to the late David Bowie. A festival provides the perfect opportunity to dress up (besides Halloween) to wear outlandish and fun makeup. John Galliano models made use of the classic lightning bolt design for Maison Margiela in metallic silver.

Makeup doesn’t need to be extreme to be glam rock. The good old smoky eye allows for some smudging, making this ideal for the extended wear of yesterday’s makeup.

Colour Blocking

Last year’s colour blocking fad can be carried on over into your makeup by wearing different and contrasting makeup on each eye and even your lips. It’s also quite the opposite of the matchy-matchy look we mentioned earlier. Once more, we look at Maison Margiela’s runway for inspiration.

AU Natural

If you are not going to the type of event where you can wear OTT makeup, or even if you are shy, the natural look is always a winner. Makeup touches won’t be necessary if you go for this no-mess-no-fuss option.


Whichever look you decide upon, some basic makeup items are essential, no matter what:


Remember to apply sunblock. Always. It is a MUST to ensure that your skin, particularly your face, is protected from damaging and ageing UV rays. Remember that even when it is overcast, you can still be sunburnt. Most bases and moisturising face creams have SPF covered within their formulae, so there is no excuse for not wearing some form of sunscreen.

Fashion magazines often include small one application sachets of new moisturisers, bases and sunscreen. Save these for festivals so that you can keep them on hand to apply whenever necessary.

Compact Mirror

Make sure you have a mirror compact in your bag at all times. This handy item lets you check your makeup whenever needed. Compacts can also be customised and the many designs, colours and shapes make this useful little tool a fashion statement and a cute accessory too.

Many new innovative mirror compact designs include dual functionality; for example, a pop-out brush. Not only will you be able to make sure that your makeup is still looking good, but you will also be able to tame your tresses should they be out of place.

Other designs of multi-use compacts include the mirror being placed in the packaging of your eye shadow, face powder or foundation. Revlon’s new Colorstay 2-in-1 Makeup & Concealer not only includes a mirror but a handy uniquely designed application tool; making it easy to touch up your makeup and minimise shine, ensuring that you look great in those all-important photographs and festival selfies.

More options include mirrors mounted on the tube of mascaras and lipsticks although these are not as popular as the mirrors are rather small.

Technology plays a huge role in our lives today and enables us to do more comfortably. Why not use your smart device or phone as a mirror by loading an app? Note that these apps will only work if you have a front-facing camera.

Look out for specials. Many makeup brands have regular promotions and will give you a free promotional compact with other items upon purchase.

Pay a visit to your local thrift shop or vintage store. You can often find, one of a kind compacts, with unusual designs for a great price.


Besides foundation options which we covered (pun intended) in the compact mirror section, there are more, staple makeup products that must be kept in your bag at all times:

For the Eyes

Most girls cannot leave the house without ensuring that they have applied their mascara. Whether you are going for a natural, fresh look or an over-applied, hardcore glam rock lashes look; the ideal mascara for a festival is waterproof. This will prevent your make-up from smudging if you sweat or it happens to rain.

Suggestion: Max Factor 2000 Calorie Waterproof Mascara

For the Lips

Lip gloss is always a good idea when you are out and about as you can easily apply and reapply without a mirror. Choose a natural colour gloss, which will prevent the noticeable need for a touch-up. Pastel colours are also ideal for daytime wear.

Suggestion: Lip Gloss for Clear Brilliant Lips

Want your lips bold and bright? Opt for long-lasting lipstick. Not only will minimal reapplication be required but it can result in no smudging or the common it-has-happened-to-all-of-us embarrassing lipstick-on-teeth-scenario.

Side Note: Sisters, it is ALWAYS a good idea to tell a fellow lady – friend or complete stranger – should you notice this. The same applies if you visit the bathrooms and see the classic toilet-paper-stuck-on-shoe-problem; or the accidentally-tucked-my-skirt-into-my-tights-dilemma. Wouldn’t you like someone to point that out to you before vacating the facilities?

The classic red lippy can be used to create a lot of different styles; from geisha to 50’s era pin-up.

Desire the slick appeal and shine of lip gloss with a more intense popping colour? Wear a clear gloss over your lipstick to achieve the best of both worlds. Apply lipsticks in layers, press lips against tissue and reapply until colour density has been achieved.

Note: his glamorous look may require a little more maintenance, though.

A light coloured or pastel shaded lipstick can also work for those that desire minimal upkeep.

Makeup Remover

A super important part of your beauty routine should be makeup removal before going to bed (although we do tend to skimp on this from time to time). Makeup remover at music festivals is just as important, particularly if you have been face-painted earlier in the day.

That being said, it’s not necessary to pack cotton wool and your everyday removal products. Look for makeup removal wipes for quick and easy cleanup at the end of the day.

Suggestion: Johnson’s Face Care Makeup Be Gone Moisturising Wipes

Carry single packaged wet wipes in your handbag for on the spot removal of smudges when touching up.


This is an all-time favourite for any festival-goer. It’s easy to achieve, whether DIY or product incorporated. This year’s festival glitter is more popular than ever, particularly in eye and lips applications.

Festival Glitter Eyes

A striking look for your eyes is festival makeup glitter. Many brands of eye shadow have variations of an extremely fine glitter or shimmer infused in the powder or gel. The Le Disko range by Mac is definitely worth a peek as they not only have glitter eyeshadows but a variety of glitter mascaras, which accentuate your eyes. Every time you blink you will glimmer, shimmer and sparkle.

Can’t afford to splurge on a new glitter eye shadow in shocking pink? Apply your own glitter over colourful eye makeup to achieve the desired look. Vaseline can be used to keep the glitter in place.

Glitter comes in various sizes, colours and even shapes. They can range from cosmetic glitter dust to the same craft glitter you used to make Valentine’s cards with as a kid.

Fine glitter; makeup or craft, is best to use over the eyes; as larger sized, coarser particles of glitter can feel cumbersome and uncomfortable. Additionally, you don’t want one of those getting into your eyes.

Use shaped craft glitter such as stars or hearts to create patterns around the eye area or down your cheek.

Glitter does not need to always be bright or bold. Opt for a subtler look by applying bronze or gold glitter over a nude for your eyes and your lips.

Festival Glitter Lips

As with your eye shadow options, you could either opt for a lipstick or gloss that has glitter already in it or you can manually apply it by dabbing glitter onto your lipstick or gloss coated lips. You can choose to coat your lips completely in glitter; or only on one side, for a dazzling effect.

Suggestion: Dazzleglass Lipgloss by MAC

Don’t have glitter or lipstick in green? Lightly dab eye shadow with your finger onto a coat of your lipstick to achieve any desired colour before applying an opalescent or silver glitter. Play around by using different colours in the middle and outer ends, or, on your top and bottom lips for colour blocking and the glam rock look. More dazzlingly effects can be achieved by dabbing eye shadow unevenly over your lips.

Line your lips with a lip liner before and after applying the glitter to even out ragged edges along your lip line.
A lip liner matching your lipstick can be used, or, try an entirely contrasting colour or black to create a bold festival fashion statement.


Opalescent colour such as Mac’s multi-use glitter is a festival makeup glitter must-have. A high and intense shimmer effect can be created anywhere from your eyes, your lips, your face and even your hair. This is very versatile and can also be applied over different colours bases.

Want extra staying power? Apply lipstick to your lips and dab with glitter. Use Rimmel’s Lipstick Lock to seal in the colour and added a glimmer. Apply 2-3 coats. Wait for your lips to dry before reapplying. Keep your lips open and do not push your lips together until it has set.

You will actually feel it when it is no longer tacky and ready for another coat. Think of it as the same function as a topcoat that you use on your nails. This will also work when using eyeshadow to achieve way-out lip colours.

If you are using Lip Lock, coarser glitter can be applied to the lips and affixed sufficiently which will prevent it from getting into your teeth.

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Don’t feel limited to only your face. Use glitter in your accessories, hair or nails. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Fine glitter can be added to your regular body moisturiser to achieve head-to-toe shimmer.
  • Use a glitter-infused topcoat or you can apply your glitter manually to make your nails sparkle. Try dipping the tip of your wet nails in glitter before covering with clear varnish.
  • Glitter hairsprays are available that will allow you to continue this trend-right through from the roots to the tips of your hair


Still not sure how to do your makeup? Here are a few more festival makeup ideas that you may fancy:

Face Paint

Remember your childhood friend’s birthday, the one when you got your face painted which transformed you into a kitten? Or was it a butterfly? Anyhoo, face paint is a fun option for festivals and you could even have your face painted at the festival. Unleash your inner child; especially if you are attending family orientated festivals such as Camp Bestival or Latitude.

Face painting does not necessarily need to be your whole face. Experiment with minimal application around certain areas of your face.

Rainbow Freckling

This new but fast-growing trend of rainbow freckling is ideal for a festival and easier to apply than painting a motif or pattern. Bright colours are dabbed on the face around the eye area, on the cheeks or forehead to look like freckles.

Personally, we would recommend that you avoid the colour red as it could look like you have a severe case of measles. Opt for alternative colours such as blue, purple and green which can be used on their own or together. Or apply the dots in a metallic shade for a fashionable look.

Freckles can be applied using various products such as liquid liners, pencils or paint. Try placing your brush in water and mixing it with eyeshadow to get the colour you want.

Another fun alternative would be to use glow in the dark paint which will come alive when it becomes dark.


Here are some more ideas that are not strictly makeup related but which will enhance your face and chosen makeup style:

Coloured Hair

A definite trend this year is having coloured hair ranging from pastel shades to shocking bright colours. If you can’t or don’t want to commit to an eccentric, OTT shade for the festival, wear a wig like Lady Gaga, Nicky Minaj, Lily Allen or Katy Perry. Another great alternative is to use clip-in hair extensions to add that dash of colour or use coloured hairspray to achieve the desired effect.
Can’t decide on a colour? Go rainbow.

Crazy Lenses

Besides being able to change your eye colour, there is crazy style contact lenses ideal for festivals and parties. Draw attention to your elaborate make-up with bright colours lenses in aqua or pink or go totally wild with lenses with designs such as smiley faces or soccer balls.

Remember that it is best practice to remove lenses before sleep. Most of these lenses are disposable and you can throw them away when the party is over. If you are not a regular contact wearer, make sure that you practice taking them in and out before the festival so as to prevent yourself from accidentally getting hurt upon removal.

Head Dresses & Headbands

Vibrant and elaborate headdresses, just as brightly coloured hair, allows for minimal makeup application while keeping that festival feel or bold makeup can be applied to match and compliment.

Take a tip from Pixie Lott, who at a previous V Festival, was seen in natural makeup teamed up with a simple daisy headband totally promoting the clean-cut girl-next-door image. A timeless festival look.

Thanks for reading the Festival Makeup Essentials Guide.

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