7 Yoga Tips for Beginners (Getting Started)
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7 Yoga Tips for Beginners (Getting Started)

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My top yoga tips for beginners. You should read this before your first yoga session.

Starting yoga for the first time can seem overwhelming. You’re probably wondering if yoga is right for you.

Luckily there are many types of yoga to fit your personality, level of experience and availability. Even if you only have 5 minutes!

My aim is always to help you to feel happier, more energised and be better for doing yoga.

But, just like any exercise or activity, yoga requires practice and patients. It also requires experience and the right knowledge.

Today I wish to share a few of my top yoga tips with you.

So let’s get started…

Yoga Tips for Beginners

Being a yoga teacher, with hundreds of hours of yoga experience, I often get beginners asking for advice on how to get started. So, here are my 7 top yoga tips for beginners:

1. Never compare yourself

Everyone’s body is different. Yoga isn’t about how great a pose looks, it is more about how the pose feels. Always focus on the sensation.

If you feel that it feels uncomfortable just come back down to your knees find a child’s pose and take a few moments.

2. Stay hydrated

So before your start make sure you’re fully hydrated. A lot of teachers don’t recommend drinking water throughout the practice; I don’t mind you can speak out that water about the practice.

Just make sure throughout the day if you’re going to a yoga class in the evening that you’re nice and hydrated.

3. Find a yoga style that works for you

Whether you’re a gym junkie, you like to do CrossFit or go for a run, maybe a power yoga class might be best for you.

Your style will always change as well. For me personally, depending on the time of the year. Around Christmas time I’ll start feeling a bit more sluggish, so I’ll probably do a more restorative yoga session. I like to feel cosy and comfy, especially when it’s raining and cold outside.

So find a style that works for you; whether it be power yoga, vinyasa or rocket yoga. You may have to go to different classes and experience different teachers; which leads me is my fourth tip…

4. Find the right yoga teacher

We all attend classes where we maybe don’t get along with the teacher or we don’t enjoy the flow of the session, or we don’t have clicked with them.

I always think that you know teachers can’t please everyone, so if you go to a class you don’t like the style, or you don’t like the teacher, just find another class or another teacher. You have to find what works for you and what you enjoy.

5. Use yoga props

Don’t be afraid to pick up the props in a yoga class. Blocks, straps, myofascial release balls, yoga wheels or anything that works for your body.

You don’t want to do is go into a yoga session without props and then find that you may be a little bit off balance. Always take advantage of the props, because they’re great!

6. Don’t get frustrated

Yoga is just like life, it can be up and down sometimes; especially in the beginning. One day you’ll feel great on the mats, and other days you’ll just want to stay in one pose.

It’s all a journey. Focus on finding that joy.

If you’re struggling with a posture or pose, try something else for that day. Find your balance and go with the flow.

6. Enjoy your yoga practice

A little bit like the last tip doesn’t get too frustrated if you can’t come into the posture or if the body.

Especially for women, around that time of the month. If your body just wants to slow down, always listen to your body.

It’s really really important that you feel comfortable and you’re not going beyond your limit or forcing the postures.

Find your balance of enjoying the posture and the benefits of yoga, without overstretching or your practices.

Find out how often you should do yoga to see the results you want.

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