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31 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas: Best Baby-to-Be Party! 2024

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Unique, cute, and simple gender reveal ideas. Throw the best baby-to-be announcement party ever! Make revealing your baby’s gender a special family occasion.

One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is anticipating your new baby’s gender. There are a few ways to go about revealing (or not revealing) the gender of your baby. While some might prefer to keep the gender a secret until the baby is born, throwing a gender reveal party is a unique way to let your family and friends know the gender of your future child.

Google, Pinterest, and Instagram are usually the first places people look for creative gender-reveal ideas. To make your life a bit easier, I’ve put together some of the top easy ideas for throwing a gender reveal party.

What is a Gender Reveal Party?

Finding out the gender of your child, let alone announcing it to your nearest and dearest, is a very personal thing. Naturally, you should discuss with your partner the best way for you to reveal the gender of your baby.

In short terms, a gender reveal party is an event where you and your partner find out and announce the gender of your baby to be. Whether you know the gender before revealing it to your guests or not, it’s a unique way to surprise your close family and friends with your exciting news.

There are a few ways to host a gender reveal party. As mentioned, you could choose to be surprised yourself on the day, in which case you’d need a little helper to help you plan the theme and events of the day. At this point, at least ONE of your friends will need to know the gender of the baby.

You could also choose to find out your baby’s gender privately and simply reveal it to your guests to surprise them.

You’ll also have to decide if you want to throw a big gathering or an intimate event. Some prefer to have just their closest family around whereas others might like to invite all their friends and colleagues to join in on the fun. Alternatively, you could host an online event using some of the unique gender reveal ideas I’ll layout in this post.

Throwing a gender reveal party can be one of the most fun ways to share your exciting news. On top of the big reveal, you could add some fun games into the mix. It’s a way to make those closest to you feel like they will be a special part of your baby’s life when they are born.

Quick Guide

  • Best gender reveal on a budget – colourful bath bomb
  • Best gender reveal for first-time parents – fire confetti guns
  • Best gender reveal for twins – Fire powder canons
  • Most sustainable gender reveal – Bake a cake with a coloured sponge
  • Best virtual gender reveal – Have some photoshoot fun with your family
  • Best public gender reveal – Open a big box with balloons
  • Best themed gender reveal – Host a Star Wars-themed event
  • Most traditional gender reveal – Pop balloons with colourful confetti
  • Best gender reveal for kids – Kick around a special soccer ball
  • Best gender reveal for the festive season – Themed Christmas tree decorations

The Best Gender Reveal Ideas:

1. Let off a colourful bath bomb

If you’re strapped for cash, ditch the event and get one of these bath bombs that turn the bath either blue or pink. You can buy it on Etsy for a super low price.

2. Confetti cannons at the same time

The first baby is always the most exciting. Why not get all your favourite people involved with individual canons from Love and Confetti, which shoot out pink or blue confetti? You can also buy these on Etsy.

3. Smoke and confetti canons

Setting off colourful smoke cannons is a classic option for a big reveal.

If you’re expecting twins, you and your partner can face each other and blast off two separate blue or pink confetti canons into the sky above you! Check out these cannons on Etsy.

4. Boy or girl cake with a gender reveal centre

Baking a cake with a coloured sponge is one of the most sustainable ways to reveal your baby’s gender to your guests. Go with a theme or keep it simple. The best thing about this idea? You’ll get to find out the gender of your baby as you cut the cake, and eat it too! Check out how to make one of these sweet treats here.

5. Gender Reveal Photoshoot

If a public event isn’t for you, plan the perfect photoshoot and send your besties photos to reveal the gender of your baby. I love what these parents did in their photoshoot.

6. Big box gender reveal

Public reveals are designed to be dramatic. Open a big box filled with blue or pink balloons, streamers and confetti to find out if you’ll be having a boy or girl. Don’t forget to use as little plastic as possible and clean up immediately. An excellent way to make sure you don’t litter is by doing this indoors.

Make your own or buy a pre-made box on Etsy.

If the bog box idea is a bit over-the-top for your liking, take it down a notch with this small box filled with blue or pink balloons. Buy it on Etsy.

Credit: Etsy

7. Star Wars themed gender reveal

This Star Wars-themed party is one of the most unique gender reveal ideas out there. Dim the lights and turn on your coloured lightsabers to find out if you’ll be having a baby girl or boy. And then celebrate with a Luke or Leia cake.

You can buy these fun lightsabers on Etsy.

8. Boy or girl pop-to-see balloon

If classic is what you’re after, popping giant balloons filled with blue or pink confetti is the way to go. This is also a super affordable idea that won’t set you back more than ten dollars. Don’t forget to get a trustworthy person to take good photos! Get this balloon on Etsy.

9. Kick a powder-filled football

If you want to get your kids involved, try this sporty gender reveal idea where you kick a special ball filled with coloured smoke! You can find these balls on Etsy.

Inspo: @poofthereitisreveals

10. Deck the halls with gender reveal Christmas decorations

If you want to host a fun gender reveal party over the festive season, add these special ornaments to your tree.

11. Pink and Blue Coloured Drinks

Blue or pink coloured drinks are a fun way to toast the gender. Each guest can guess the baby’s gender by selecting team blue or team pink. For extra wow factor, you can add blue and pink shimmer to the drinks (available on eBay).

12. Smash out a piñata loaded with confetti

Mind the pun, but pinatas are always a hit. Fill a neutral pinata with pink or blue sweets and confetti, and take a swing while your guests watch!

13. Spray coloured silly-string

Silly string is another one of those creative ideas to get your guest’s excitement levels up.

14. Pour coloured paint over a transparent umbrella

If you’re ok with getting a bit messy, stand under a transparent rain umbrella and get a friend to throw either pink or blue paint over you for a big reveal.

15. Creat gender reveal art ith buckets of paint

Another fun way to use paint is to fill unmarked containers with paint and throw them onto a blank canvas at the same time.

16. Even more gender revealing fun with paint!

Put on some white clothing and initiate a classic paint celebration! Inspired by A Crafted Passion.

17. Play a game of confetti balloon roulette

Celebrate with a surprising game of roulette, where only one out of ten balloons contains blue or pink confetti. Attach the balloons to a cute sign and get competitive with your partner!

18. Swap traditional confetti cannons for crackers

I love the idea of having a low-key dinner party with festive crackers containing pink or blue confetti.

19. Bake cupcakes for a memorable twin or triplet reveal

You can’t go wrong with cupcakes, and if you’re having twins or triplets, why not put a spin on the cake idea with multiple cupcakes for a fun and tasty reveal?

20. Turn up the heat with a chocolate smash reveal

Another fun food idea, you can either create or buy these chocolate smash cakes on Etsy.

21. Colourful filling gender pie

Celebrate and reveal your baby’s gender with this delicious handmade cookie pie from

If you’re feeling playful, fill a pie with either raspberry or blueberry filling and throw it in your partner’s face for a fun way to reveal your baby’s gender. Inspried by remodelalcoholic.

22. For the Game of Thrones fans, this magic dragon egg changes colour

This GoT dragons egg will change colour when heated up. Buy it on Etsy for a unique themed reveal.

23. Celebrate the Fourth of July with a sparkler reveal

These coloured sparklers burn either pink or blue and are a great idea for a Fourth of July-themed reveal. Inspired by

24. Reveal the gender with a creative pop-up card

Unwrapping a small gift or card is a sweet and understated way to announce the sex of your baby to your guests. Inspired by ssedo’s creations.

25. Set off a smoke bomb inside a Halloween witches’ cauldron

This smoking cauldron is one of the best ideas for a fall reveal. Inspiration by Gender Reveal Celebrations.

26. Put your safety goggles on and make a blue or pink volcano

Perfect for those with young kids, get into the science class spirit and create a blue or pink volcano to announce your baby’s gender to your closest friends.

A Note on Sustainability

Balloons, plastic confetti, environmentally damaging smoke shows – tons of the most dramatic gender reveal ideas simultaneously have the most negative effect on our beautiful planet.

But not to worry, because there are so many ways to make sure your big announcement doesn’t harm the environment and won’t get negative attention across your social media networks.

From using biodegradable glitters, non-release balloons, and paper confetti indoors to simply changing the format of your gender reveal event entirely; I’m going to show you how easy it is to throw an epic bash while still being sustainable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I plan a gender reveal without spoiling the secret for myself?

Most of the time, parents will want to experience the excitement themselves and be surprised with their guests when finding out if they’re having a girl or boy. One of the biggest concerns when planning a gender reveal party is keeping the secret from yourself.

The best thing to do is ask a friend or family member you trust to hold onto the results of your gender test and organise the right coloured props to celebrate. This way, you and your partner will both be surprised when you find out what gender baby you’re expecting.

How do I plan the best gender reveal to surprise my kids?

Gender reveals are a super fun way to let your kids know whether they’ll be having a baby brother or sister.

If you have young kids, get them involved in the celebration. This is pretty easy to do with classic reveals – Let them pull the string or kick the ball to make it more fun for them!

Is a gender reveal party the same as a baby shower?

No. Technically speaking, a baby shower is a celebration one hosts just before giving birth to shower a future baby with gifts and good wishes.

On the other hand, revealing a baby’s gender can be hosted many months earlier, as soon as your doctor can tell the sex of your baby.

Although the two are not the same, you could technically host a two-in-one gender reveal/baby shower event.

What week of pregnancy do you typically find out a baby’s gender?

You’ll usually be able to find out your baby’s gender between week 11 and week 14 of your pregnancy.

How do you throw a gender reveal without hosting a party?

If hosting a public celebration isn’t your vibe, you could still enjoy a private gender reveal and involve your loved ones in the surprise.

You could either live-stream or video call your family member and closest friends as you find out the gender. Alternatively, you could surprise them with classic photos of you and your partner revealing the gender of your baby-to-be.

What’s the best way to host a gender reveal at home?

If low key is what you’re after, the simplest and best way to host a reveal is by baking a classic cake with a coloured sponge and decorating it with neural icing.

Once you’ve cut the cake and revealed the gender, you’ll have a delicious cake to eat. It’s a win-win if you ask me!

How do I reveal the gender of my baby while being sensitive to gender constructs

In my opinion, if you’re worried about putting gender expectations on your unborn baby, you should probably avoid having a gender reveal altogether. After all, the biological gender of a baby doesn’t say much about what gender your child will assume.

Instead, why not host an intimate ‘name reveal party‘ for those close to you. This way, you’ll be able to tell everyone what you believe your baby will be without putting a stereotypical label on it.

Another idea is to host a fun ‘character reveal party‘, where you could ask your friends to guess which TV character they believe your baby will be most like.

There are so many ways to host a fun, exciting and responsible gender reveal party. If you want to surprise yourself, make sure you choose a reliable friend to organise the logistics for you. This should come naturally, but it’s super important to clean up after yourself and make sure you leave no litter behind. Hopefully, this article has given you a few great ideas for your next gender reveal party.

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