Things a Guy Is Thinking When He Kisses You

15 Things a Guy Is Thinking When He Kisses You

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After about two to three successful dates, you might be expecting your first kiss. Depending on the intensity, timing, and how the kiss goes, a simple kiss can tell a lot about the future of your relationship. 

Women often think about whether the kiss meant anything to the guy; if he enjoyed the kiss as much as you did; and what it means if he can’t stop kissing you. Some men are purely interested in taking the sexual relationship further while others are looking for true love.

If you’re looking for signs the kiss meant something to him, you might be interested in understanding what he is thinking while he kisses you. So, here are a few things a guy is thinking when he kisses you.

1. This is amazing

First and foremost, you might be surprised to know that when a man kisses you, he is often as enthralled and excited as you are. Even more, his mind is buzzing with activity as he thinks of where the kiss will take the two of you.

He might even be thinking some of the same things you are:

  • ‘Does this mean we are in a relationship now?’
  • ‘Where will this take us?’
  • ‘What does it mean when she can’t stop kissing me?’
  • ‘Does she love me?’
  • ‘Does this kiss mean something to her?’

2. She is so beautiful

Without fail, he will be thinking about how beautiful you are.

A lot of the time, men try to hide the extent of their attraction to a woman before they kiss. However, once the deed is done, you should expect a lot more compliments, loving gestures, and kind words.

3. She smells delicious

Men love the way women smell and you should never underestimate the power of pheromones. Pheromones are hormonal chemicals that our body secretes into the atmosphere. They let off a scent which although one may not actively notice, is highly attractive to the opposite sex. 

Pheromone scents play a huge role in our romantic and sexual lives and are partly responsible for helping one pick out a potential lover. 

To put it simply, you might have pheromones that smell attractive to one person, but not to another. Without noticing, you will have better chemistry and attraction to the people that your pheromones compliment.

4. Can she tell how nervous I am

Believe it or not, he might be equally as nervous about the kiss as you are. Especially for your first kiss with someone, don’t be surprised if your nerves overpower the enjoyment of the experience.

He often thinks about whether you can sense the nerves in him, and whether or not you find his vulnerabilities attractive or not. 

It’s unlikely both you and your partner will be fully comfortable with each other when you have your first kiss. Luckily, time will only make this less of an issue and soon enough, you’ll be kissing each other with confidence.

5. Does my breath smell alright?

The only thing worse than smelly breath is kissing someone with it, and as such, a big deciding factor for both males and females is how your partner’s breath smells. 

Basic hygiene is a prerequisite for any new relationship, and if you forgot to brush your teeth or chose poorly on your last meal, you might be implying that your personal hygiene isn’t up to scratch. 

Girls take personal hygiene very seriously and might even determine the outcome of a relationship based on the way a man smells.

There are even certain scents that are known to attract the opposite sex. For example, men who smell of pine are more likely to smell attractive to women. Rightfully so, smelly breath is a concern many men have when kissing a girl.

Personal hygiene tips:

  1. Shower at least once a day and always after physical exercise
  2. Brush your teeth every morning and evening
  3. Floss your teeth regularly
  4. Always keep a mint on hand
  5. Wear antiperspirant deodorant
  6. Wear clean clothing
  7. Clean your bedsheets regularly

6. I hope I’m doing this right

Everybody has a unique way of kissing, and each man and woman hopes to master the art of kissing. Some prefer gentle pecks, while others enjoy more French kissing and tongue action. 

Even though one’s way of kissing is entirely based on personal preference and a guy might enjoy the way they are kissing you, it could be completely unenjoyable for you. Men are aware of this and the thought of ‘am I kissing her well’ will always enter a man’s mind mid-kiss.

To complicate things further, there are a bunch of different types of kisses that one might enjoy (or not).

Different types of kisses:

  • The French Kiss
  • The Spiderman Kiss
  • The Butterfly Kiss
  • The Nibble Kiss
  • The Single Lip Kiss
  • The Hickey
  • The Ear Kiss
  • The Vacuum Kiss

7. Keep your eyes closed

Especially during a first kiss, when feelings of excitement and awe of the kiss overcome the man, it can be difficult to resist keeping one’s eyes open. 

Kissing with open eyes is creepy and more often than not, not appreciated by women, and men need to actively remind themselves to keep their eyes closed while kissing you.

8. Where are my hands

To build on keeping your eyes closed, men often lose track of where their hands are sitting when they are kissing a woman.

In the moment of excitement of realising you are really kissing someone, one often forgets where to put their hands.

9. Is this a sneak preview of the sex

When in the act, it’s no surprise that men can’t help but think whether this kiss is the preview of a night in bed with a girl.

While women use kissing as a useful guide to assess whether the man could be a potential life partner, men are more likely to use kissing to try to increase arousal in the woman and ready her for sex. 

Generally, a man will be imaginatively connecting the way you kiss to the way you might have sex, and while they might be polite and respectful enough to honour your wishes about sex, their minds might be elsewhere.

10. Calm it with the tongue

Most men know that women don’t enjoy kissing with too much tongue action.

Interestingly enough, the first complaint women have about men’s kissing is that they use too much tongue, while the first complaint men have about women’s kissing is that they don’t use enough tongue. 

Of course, as a relationship develops you’ll feel comfortable enough to discuss your kissing preferences with your partner. But until then, men are often highly conscious of how much tongue they use when they kiss you.

11. How long should we go for

As mentioned, kissing is often the pre-act of the real deal for men, and they spend a decent amount of their time thinking ‘how soon is too soon’ to take this to the next step. 

As a female, you might be satisfied with kissing all night, but your male partner might not feel the same way and more often than you would expect, is hoping for the kissing to slow and for the sex to start.

12. Does kissing really burn calories

Kissing isn’t just a pleasuring act, it is also a physical activity that can even fit into a form of exercise. This thought might pop into your and your partner’s head while engaged in a loving lip-lock.

During a passionate kiss, one can burn two calories in one minute, which is double what you would on average without kissing. 

Kissing can even trigger hormonal activity that can increase your metabolic rate and improve the general functioning of your immune system.

13. What does this mean for us

One of the first things a guy thinks when he kisses you is what the kiss means for your relationship. Will you continue to dabble in the odd date, will you be exclusive partners or will you fall in love with him after this kiss?

One sign the kiss meant something to him is the way he acts and looks at you after you kiss. If he gazes into your eyes lovingly and tells you how beautiful you are, you might be in for the long haul. But if he passes the kiss off as nothing and moves away from you immediately, his intentions could be shallower than you might have hoped.

14. Stop overthinking things!

In conclusion, a male’s mind is buzzing with activity just as much as yours is while they kiss you. To add to this, most men actively have to tell themselves to stop over-thinking things while kissing you. 

From getting ahead of themselves with whether the kiss will lead to sex to whether the kiss will lead to a relationship, men often over analyse the situation more than one would expect.

15. Let’s do it again!

Last but not least, when a guy is enjoying kissing you, he will no doubt be thinking of when he will be able to kiss you next. He might even be planning your next date in his mind as you smooch!

What men think about when kissing a woman is proof that not only girls overthink and deep analyse every romantic action and scenario. Men are just as conscious of the kiss as women are.

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