Why Are Aquarius So Attracted To Taurus?

Why Are Aquarius So Attracted to Taurus?

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It is no secret that Aquarius find Taurus very attractive. But why are Aquarius so attracted to Taurus? Here is everything you need to know.

There are hundreds of articles and blog posts out there discussing Taurians and Aquarians and why they are each other’s perfect matches or the yin and yang of relationships.

I can tell you that there’s more to it than entertaining astrology and I will dive deeper into the matter and fully explain why Taurus is so attracted to Aquarius. 

In a nutshell, your personality is what determines the way you live your life and treat people around you.  This is an important factor in the laws of romantic attraction because you’ll find that it’s easier to develop an attraction for someone who shares your values or whose values complement yours. 

Aquarians are free spirits, they don’t commit to anything for too long, they’re outgoing and they love to meet new people. Consequently, they’re attracted to Taurians who seek constant stability and they prefer to remain in touch with their natural side, that is, they partake in activities involving mental exercises. 

Everything in life has a balance, e.g. light and dark and day and night. The same applies to relationships. Since Aquarians are extroverts, they are naturally attracted to Taurians who are introverts. 

The attraction is usually sparked by a physical appearance at first. I know that sounds pretty shallow, but it’s how life works. However, beyond that, other aspects of the other person have to be appealing for the initial attraction to grow into something else. 

One such a thing is interest, or rather your personal interests. 

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, ‘’we have so much in common’’ countless times, and while it’s true that opposites generally attract, attraction usually occurs when there are common areas of interest. 

Aquarians are very intellectual and their interests lie in activities that challenge the brain and mind. Consequently, they often find themselves attracted to Taurians who is grounded but equally intellectual.

Have you had that feeling where you feel like you just “click” with someone? You feel like you’ve known that person your entire life and like you know everything about each other.  The more you talk to this person you realise the following:

  • You find their jokes funny and vice versa 
  • You never run out of things to say
  • You feel like you can constantly be yourself around this person 
  • You feel oddly comfortable around them, despite just having met them

That feeling is called chemistry and it’s been scientifically proven to be an actual thing.

Now when it comes to Aquarians and Taurians, their chemistry is unmatched. There are many celebrity Taurus and Aquarius couples out there who hit it off the first time they met. A good example is George Clooney and Amal’s relationship. 

One of the reasons why romantic relationships fail is the fact that partners don’t see eye to eye when it comes to sex.

People have developed so many preferences in bed that it’s almost impossible to become attracted to a person who doesn’t meet those preferences. 

One such a preference is the way you partake in intercourse. You could be conservative and you prefer to have sex the old fashion way, that is, light off, on the bed and underneath the covers. On the other hand, you could be more open to try new things. 

Although Taurus and Aquarius are opposites in almost every aspect, they seem to agree on matters of the pleasure of the flesh. They’re both adventurous and are always open to explore new ways of pleasuring each other. 

It’s worth noting that Aquarians are pretty multi talented in bed. Like I previously stated, they’re open-minded when it comes to sex but they also know how to please their partners. They’re not afraid to get freaky and step out of their comfort zones so long as their partners are willing to go that far. 

It’s true that attraction goes beyond physical appearances, but let’s be honest, no one actually likes a person for the personality from the get go.

Appearances play a huge role, especially on the first encounter. For instance, when you meet someone for the first time, you don’t automatically find yourself attracted to them because of their values or interest. Instead, you find their eyes, physique or facial features attractive. 

Aquarius men are attracted to Taurus women, because they are considered to be ‘’brainy beauties’’, whereas Aquarius women find themselves attracted to Taurus men, because of their “smart gentleman’’ image. 

Gal Gadot and Penelope Cruz are typical Taurus women- they are beautiful and smart, yet they’re also perceived as strong women. 

Aquarius women have all the traits that Taurus men find desirable, they’re smart and feminine but also strong and outgoing. In addition to that, their personalities complement those of Taurus men. 

That said, Aquarius women and Taurus men may not appear to be compatible at first glance, but if all things are considered, they actually complete each other.

A typical romantic relationship between them would start off rocky but as they learn more about each other, they become attached to each other, and eventually, they will fall in love.

For years Aquarius and Taurus have been labelled as the ideal pairing, but very few people actually know why that is.

That said Aquarius are attracted to Taurus because they possess all physical and personality traits that appeal to Aquarians. Simply put, Taurians are the perfect match for Aquarians. 

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