Best Self-Care Package Ideas: Gift Basket to Treat a Friend for Cheap!

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23 of the best self-care package ideas to build the ultimate self-care gift basket to treat a friend or yourself for cheap!

Taking care of yourself (and your friends & family) should be a top priority for your mental health and happiness.

Whether you want to treat a friend or yourself to some self-care goodies, in this post, I’ll list self-care package ideas to help you build a DIY wellness kit!

You can also use these ideas to build your own kit for our self care challenge.

Did you know…

With 1 in 4 people in the UK suffering from mental health problems, taking care of one’s mental wellbeing has never been so important. With mental health issues being so prevalent in the modern world, more and more people are struggling to find the time and the energy to focus on themselves and their personal wellbeing.

What is a self-care package?

A self-care package refers to a collection of self-care gifts. Ranging from healthy treats and snacks to bath and beauty products, a DIY self-care package is designed to influence you to take some time to unwind and relax.

If you are giving a self-care kit as a gift to a friend (or simply treating yourself), you should make sure to package your gift in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Add the contents to a beautiful gift basket or box with some sustainable padding and wrap it in some decorative paper. I like to finish my baskets off with gift tags tied with a few sprigs of fresh lavender.

It’s always exciting receiving and opening a gift, and presentation is key for gift wrapping.

Self-care gift basket

A DIY self-care gift basket can be customised for yourself or your loved ones and can be one of the most rewarding gifts to give.

We have all probably heard of (and benefit from) retail therapy, and one of the best ways to gift yourself or a friend during times of stress is with a self-care gift basket or wellness box to use in your daily self-care routine.

Whether you are having a tough day or navigating a full mental health crisis, a wellness gift basket is a great option and can help influence you to take some time for yourself to relax, unwind and recuperate.

From scented candles to self-care journals, these gift basket ideas are designed to help you treat your mind, body and soul with an abundance of self-love.

Why should we gift self-care packages?

Gifting a self-care package is one of the best things we can do for a loved one in a time of need.

While the items in a self-care kit are usually basic and not hard to find, we often don’t bother buying such items for ourselves, as we try to save our cash for more essential items. Receiving a self-care basket can give someone the push they need to set time aside for their mental wellbeing.

This is one of the main reasons receiving a self-care package is so well appreciated and that the contents of the care package are always well used.

While you should always give a self-care gift to benefit the person you’re gifting and not your own ego, gifting can have some great psychological effects on your relationship and your own self-esteem.

What do you put in self-care packages?

Your self-care gift box contents are undoubtedly the most important part of the care package and should inspire calmness and happiness in the receiver.

That being said, you don’t have to spend a fortune.

Here are some of the best self-care gift basket ideas to build a self-care package for cheap:

1. A pair of cosy slippers

Comfort is key when it comes to taking care of yourself and wearing a comfortable, loose-fitting outfit with cosy and fluffy slippers has the power to make us feel relaxed and at ease with ourselves.

A big part of my self-care routine is prioritising my bodily hygiene and the cleanliness of my home, and when I’m in my house, I will always be wearing a comfortable pair of clean slippers!

For those who enjoy keeping a clean home, wearing home-only slippers is a great way to make sure you leave the germs and dirt outdoors while being comfortable inside.

2. Luxurious face masks

An essential part of any skin-care routine and DIY self-care package is a face mask. From a sheet mask to a liquid peel, choose a mask that suits your skin combination type.

If you’re gifting a face mask, add in a second one and join your friends for a fun, relaxing and supportive self-care spa day.

3. A self-care journal and a daily planner

One of the most important items to add to your care package is a beautiful journal and a daily planner.

Keeping a journal can be hugely beneficial for self-care and increase your feelings of happiness and self-satisfaction while clarifying your thoughts and feelings.

Journaling is a great way to develop your personal growth and get to know your own self better by looking at the past while planning and preparing for the future.

Make sure to add adequate time for self-care into your daily planner!

Benefits of keeping a self-care journal:

  • It helps you to understand yourself better.
  • Allows you to uncover what makes you happy and what doesn’t.
  • It helps you to clarify your thoughts and feelings about particular things.

4. A self-care advice book

Reading is known to stimulate our brains and improve our focus and concentration while developing our world view and vocabulary.

However, reading self-help books (often compiled by mental health professionals) can be super beneficial when we are under severe stress and can help us view our personal situations from an outside perspective while helping us make better-informed decisions about how to react to and manage our mental health.

Top-rated self-improvement books:

  1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R. Covey
  2. The Power of Now – Eckhard Tolle
  3. The Subtle Are of Not Giving A F#ck – Mark Manson
  4. Big Magic- Creative Living Beyond Fear – Elizabeth Gilbert
  5. The Power of Positive Thinking – Norman Vincent Peale

5. A selection of aromatherapy essential oils

Extracted from plants, essential oils are an ‘essential part of a self-care kit and can have a wide range of benefits for the human body and mind.

While they smell delicious, adding essential oils to your evening bath or shower, a diffuser or an oil burner can physically affect your body in a range of ways, depending on the oil you choose.

5 essential oils and their uses:

  1. Tea tree oil – Has an antibacterial property that helps to kill infections and boost immunity when you feel ill.
  2. Rose oil – Improves your mood and reduces anxiety.
  3. Peppermint oil – Is known to boost energy and can be great for those who are overtired and run-down.
  4. Chamomile oil – Used to improve our moods while aiding relaxation and is best used before bed.
  5. Lavender oil – A great stress reliever that helps make us sleepy and ready for bed.

6. A beautifully packaged scented candle

One of the most common yet most appreciated self-care gifts is a scented candle. Typically packaged beautifully in a reusable vessel, keeping burning candles on your desk or beside your bed can make us feel more relaxed.

Scented candles stimulate our limbic systems, which are linked to our feelings of memory and emotions. This helps our body release serotonin and dopamine hormones which improve and regulate our moods.

7. Luxurious bath bombs, oils and salts

One of my go-to self-care box ideas is to create a DIY self-care spa day, and relaxing in a warm bath filled with luxurious bath products is always the foundation of my DIY self-care days.

You can’t go wrong by adding some beautifully scented bath products into your self-care gift box.

8. A decorative ceramic mug

Another great item for your gift box is a beautiful ceramic, bone-china mug or a glass water bottle.

These two items are used daily, and drinking your tea, coffee or water out of a physically appealing vessel can turn an average tea break into a ritualistic experience.

9. A kitted out manicure & pedicure set

There is nothing better than the feeling of freshly painted nails, and whether you’re a new mom or a corporate boss, few powerful ladies make time to visit a nail salon.

Gifting a manicure set is a fantastic gift for someone who loves to look and feel good yet doesn’t have the time (or financial resources) to visit a nail salon every few weeks.

Things to put in your manicure & pedicure kit:

  1. Nail file
  2. Nail clippers
  3. A cuticle cutter and oil
  4. A foot loofa
  5. A variety of coloured nail polish options

10. A bottle of your favourite bubbly

Another great thing to add to your gift basket is a bottle of your favourite bubbly or wine.

To be enjoyed with some of your best friends, keeping a bottle of bubbly on hand is ideal for those unexpected times when you need to end the day on a high note.

11. An essential oil diffuser

Gaining popularity globally for their humidifying and essential oil diffusing properties, diffusers are a great gift to add to your self-care box.

12. A facial roller and gua sha stone

Facial rollers and gua sha stones are the new in-thing when it comes to a beauty routine.

Used for applying serums and creams and beneficial for stimulating blood flow to make your skin feel and look brighter, facial rollers can be a relaxing tool to use during your skin-care routine.

13. A padded sleeping mask and silk pillow sleeve

If you’re the type of person who lives for a bedtime routine, a padded sleeping mask and luxuriously soft pillow sleeve are great ideas to add to your self-care kit.

An eye mask is great for blocking out light and therefore ideal for a quick midday power nap.

Silk pillow sleeves were developed to prevent hair and skin irritation, keeping your hair from getting knotted or matted and your skin from bunching up into wrinkles while you sleep.

14. Your favourite magazine

Sometimes all you need is some time to sit and read your favourite magazine. Whether you prefer an educational spread or a gossip magazine, unwinding and switching off from your own issues and mindlessly concentrating on something else is a great way to give yourself a well-needed break.

15. A pack of your favourite herbal tea

Add in a pack of herbal tea or a tin of luxurious rich hot chocolate for you to sip on whilst reading your self-help book or magazine.

The benefits of herbal teas:

  • Green tea – Improves brain functioning and energy levels.
  • Chamomile tea – Helps ease sleep patterns and reduces anxiety.
  • Ginger tea – Aids digestion while reducing bodily inflammation.
  • Eucalyptus tea – Eases respiration and breathing while lowering blood sugar levels.

16. A pack of positive affirmation cards

Affirmation cards are a wonderful addition to self-care packs. These thoughtful statements have the power to encourage positivity and confidence in those who read them.

17. A cosy bathrobe

Getting out of a bath and donning your cosiest bathrobe is nothing short of a treat itself. Bathrobes are great to wear when engaging in self-care rituals, from a skin-care routine to reading a magazine in bed and will be one of the most appreciated gift ideas in your self-care kit.

18. A colouring book with some coloured pencils

One of the best self-care package ideas is an adult colouring book with some coloured pencil crayons.

Colouring reduces stress and anxiety while improving your motor skills, focus, vision and creativity levels and is a relaxing activity to do before heading to sleep.

19. An appealing puzzle

A great way to switch your brain off after a hard day at work is to get working on a puzzle. Ideally done in a social setting with your family or friends, puzzling is a fun activity that can help you wind-down and relax.

20. A bunch of fresh flowers

Gifting your friends, family or self with a bunch of fresh flowers is one of my go-to care package ideas. Flowers bring life and joy into any room and are known to help improve our moods while increasing our energy.

21. A stress ball

One of the top gift box ideas for a full-time office worker, stress balls come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to help relieve you from stress while in a closed (office) environment.

22. Your favourite skincare beauty products

Purchasing your favourite skincare products is one of the best self-care gift basket ideas.

The act of keeping a skincare routine can be beneficial to our mental wellbeing and health while making us feel and look great.

Beauty products to add to a self-care package:

  • Moisturisers
  • Exfoliators, scrubs and peels
  • Facial masks
  • Serums and facial oils
  • A high-quality face cloth

23. A selection of healthy snacks

Last but not least, what is a gift box without some tasty sweet and savoury snacks?

One of the best things to add to a self-love care package is a box of chocolates and some healthy snacks. To be enjoyed by you or the recipient of your gift whenever they need a slight energy or mood boost, delicious treats and snacks are often something many of us would struggle to live without.

Healthy snack ideas to add to a self-care kit:

  • Protein bars
  • Packets of nuts
  • Nut butter sachets
  • Dried fruit
  • Coconut crisps
  • Fresh fruit

Creating a self-care kit as a gift box or for yourself is a great way to remind yourself (or the recipient) about the importance of making time for your mental wellbeing and self-care routine.

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