Self Care Toolkit

The self-care toolkit has everything you need to take care of yourself: worksheets, PDF’s, printables & videos.

Self care is incredibly important, and I’m extremely pleased to see you’ve made the commitment to take better care of yourself.

Below you’ll find all the resources you need to get the absolute most out of your self care challenge.

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Here is what to expect…

There will be many ups and downs throughout this challenge. You will learn new things about yourself, and you’ll form new habits.

Make sure you watch Maz, Aleks & Jacasta, who have already completed the challenge. Their journey is incredible.

Here is what you’ll need…

Before you begin your 30-day self-care challenge, there are a few things I recommend you get. These items are not essentials; however, they will ensure you get the best experience from this challenge.

Scented Candles

Candles are perfect for mood-setting to create a calming and relaxing environment. This will come in useful in some of the self-care challenge ideas.

Recommendation: Aromatherapy Scented Candles (Pack of 12)

Bubble Bath, Salts & Bombs

These will help you to create the ultimate indulging bathing experience. And they will heighten your enjoyment during the 30-day self-care challenge.

On day 19, you will need these for your day of pampering. But, I encourage you to use them throughout the challenge.

Pampering doesn’t have to be expensive. Stick to items within your budget.

Recommendations: Epsom Bath Salts for Relaxation and Sanctuary Scented Spa Bubble Bath.

Reading Books

Reading is so good for the soul. I recommend two books for your challenge: one personal development book to stimulate your mind and one fiction book to help you sleep.

That being said, it’s better to choose books that you know you’ll want to read.

If the thought of reading doesn’t appeal to you, you can listen to audiobooks as an alternative.

Bullet Journal

You’ll need a journal throughout to log your challenge and collate your thoughts.

I love the simplicity and speed of a bullet journal, but you can also use an ordinary notebook if you prefer. You could also use the self-care printables to document your journey.

If you’re new to bullet journaling, check out these self-care notebook ideas for your bullet journal.



It is important to reward yourself throughout your 30-day self-care challenge. Pick something you will enjoy and can look forward to. This can be a small bar of chocolate, some flowers, or your favourite beverage. It’s totally up to you.

And remember, treating yourself doesn’t have to be expensive; there are many ways to treat yourself on a budget.

Meditation, Yoga & Exercise

Physical and mental exercise are both major parts of self-care. Throughout your challenge, you will experience different ways to work out and stimulate your mind.

Here is a list of resources to help you get the most of your activities:


You will have two meditation sessions throughout your challenge. Jade, your yoga & meditation coach, has made two videos to guided you through your sessions.

If you enjoy meditating and would like more, check out this guided meditation playlist.


There are two-morning yoga sessions included in your challenge. Jade has created videos to help you with your yoga sessions.

These yoga routines are beginner-friendly and only takes 5 minutes to do.

If you’re completely new to yoga, check out Jade’s 7 yoga tips for getting started.


Morning exercise has so many self-care benefits, and it’s a great way to start your day.

Here is an easy and effective morning routine that less than 5 minutes to complete:


Walking is another great form of exercise, and it can be a relaxing activity used to feel present. You can listen to music while walking, or you can practice mindfulness.

Here is a guided walking meditation you can listen to during your walks.

Self Care Worksheet

Self Care Worksheets, PDF’s & Printables

Custom self-care worksheets, checklists and printables to help you get the most out of your challenge.

Use the printables to keep track of your progress and to journal your journey.

Get Access to Printables

Self Care Resources

Further help

Adopting a self-care routine is a great way to maintain health and reduce depression, anxiety, stress etc.

That being said, for severe cases of depression, mental health or illness, it’s recommended to seek advice from a health professional or doctor.

Here are a few helpful resources:

Samaritans – If you’re struggling with depression or mental health and need someone to talk to, a Samaritan is available 24/7.

Mind – provide immense support and advice to anyone struggling with mental health.

Join the Self Care Challenge

My name is Hannah, and I’m a qualified wellness coach. It’s my mission to help you do a better job of taking care of yourself.

It’s more crucial than ever before to maintain good physical & mental health.

No matter your job, income, or family circumstances, our self-care challenge is practised and proven to transform your well-being in just 30 days!

If you’re reading this and haven’t yet joined the challenge, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s packed with goodies to help with your self-care journey, and it’s 100% FREE to join!